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குழந்தைகள் இலக்கியம் (Fiction by Children)

ரிச்மண்ட் வாழ் சிறுவர் சிறுமியரின் எழுத்துக்களில் முதலாக பெருமையுடன் வழங்குகிறோம், பதினோரு வயது கார்த்திக் செட்டியின் கதையினை.

We proudly present a fiction from 11 year old Karthik Chetty as the first of fictions by Richmond kids.

The Forswarn
by Karthik Chetty

Chapter 1

Running. Running was all Tyran cared about. With deep painful breaths he zigzagged across the deserted desert plain. “Why are they here?” Thought Tyran. “They usually stay with that king of theirs. So-called king. King Ormis was a lazy oaf that lived to eat. Now, Ormis wasn’t as bad as his father, Murtagh the evil, the one who recalled the forsworn from the dead.” Then Tyran suddenly spotted a hole in the ground. He quickly jumped into it not a nanosecond too soon. Because just at that moment the group of masked riders leaped over the hole not even looking down. A shiver went down Tyran’s spine. He had actually seen the forsworn. Tyran looked behind him and found a door. Tyran went in without even caring who was inside.

Chapter 2

Inside the room Tyran found a bunch of people talking around a table. The expression was grim on almost all of their faces. He could feel the tension in the room. He noticed that they were not giving him any attention. Was it that they hadn’t noticed him yet or was it that they didn’t care if he lay crippled at their doorstep? He decided to ask “Who are you people?” “Rude question if you ask me. What a rude way to treat people that you hardly even know!” exclaimed one of the elders of the group. “Well for your information I think I know who you are. I think you are the resistance. The reason I think that is because I am the son of Brom founder of the resistance, and friend of the new leader, Eragon.” “Well, well, well. Look at little smarty-pants. Where did you learn all this?” Asked someone from the group. “Maybe if I told that I got chased by the forsworn all the way here, I wouldn’t need to do any explaining.” Tyran said. “What did you say!!?” said someone that Tyran recognized as Eragon. “Eragon?” asked Tyran. “Yes, yes, but we will have time for reunions later, now we have to make sure those people don’t know that we are here.” said Eragon.

Chapter 3

Tyran got a brief introduction of everyone there. There was Eragon, tall, strong and handsome. Then there was Rowan, short, fast, and kind. After him came Ryoe. She was the tallest of the group besides Eragon. After Ryoe, came Tyris.

Tyris was a bit unusual compared to all the others. It wasn’t something obvious, but…it was just weird. He had some type of camouflage technique because Tyran could hardly even see Tyris. Then Eragon said, “Ah, you have noticed Tyris’s talent.” Tyran immediately felt guilty. As if reading his mind, Tyris said “No need to feel guilty, everyone notices my talent.” “Sorry.” Tyran mumbled. After Tyris there was: Katrina, Araya, Nita, and Dairine. “Let’s get going!” said Eragon.

Chapter 4

By the time they had gotten to the only known hideout of the forsworn, they were all exhausted. They camped outside to regain their strength for the ambush attack the next day. Everyone slept with their swords next to their hands.


On the morning of the ambush, everyone was tense. Knives and swords were being sharpened. The braying of the horses was the wake up call to most people. The usual squeaking of the birds was absent this morning, observed Tyran. It is almost as if they know mass slaughter will take place on this very field. Then the dreaded sound, the sound of the war horn blew into Tyran’s ear like a bee attacking a predator. All the fighters gathered around the podium where Eragon was standing. “Their numbers are small. They range only a 100 fighters; the whole off Ormis’s army is here.” boomed Eragon. Yes, thought Tyran. We have 200 men. “But do not be overjoyed. Half our men are healers and trainers.” said Eragon warningly A few hours later they rode out into battle. At once the massive black gates opened revealing all the masked riders or the forsworn. “Charge!” bellowed Eragon. Everyone broke ranks and ran for the huge mass of black. As Tyran was running, he thought of his home and how the forsworn had destroyed it. This thought made his rage rise up inside him as if his rage were water boiling on an open kettle. He was so furious he ran right into the forsworn, sword swirling in the air. He slashed and he swirled as he watched lifeless bodies drop to the ground right in front of him. “We are going to lose.” thought Tyran. But he still kept on slashing through the ranks of the forsworn. After what felt like hours the battle finished. They had beaten the legendary Forsworn. After a quick search of the battlefield, they found out that only half of their forces had been killed. Most importantly one of the forsworn had not died. He had run of right after the battle had started. “We have to be prepared for more attacks from Ormis’s human army.” Eragon had told them. Another thing of importance was a blue sapphire. It was rumored to be one of the only two dragon eggs left. The other one must be in the pocket of the forsworn that escaped, thought Tyran. After a long day, Tyran took a nap and blocked all thoughts so he could rest.


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  4. I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing


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