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இலக்கியப் போட்டி 2006!

2006ல் நடந்த இலக்கியப் போட்டியில் பங்கு கொண்ட குழந்தைகளின் கதை, கட்டுரைகளை இங்கு அளிக்கிறோம். தமிழில் எழுதிய ஹரிணி முரளிகிருஷ்ணனுக்கு எங்கள் பாராட்டுக்கள். கூடிய விரைவில் மற்ற ரிச்மண்ட் குழந்தைகள் எழுதியவற்றையும் இங்கே வெளியிட இருக்கிறோம். உங்கள் சிறுவர்களின் எழுத்தை இங்கே வெளியிடக்கு அஞ்சல் அனுப்பவும்.

தீபாவளி பண்டிகை - ஹரிணி முரளிகிருஷ்ணன் (12 வயது)

தீபாவளி இந்துக்களின் மிக முக்கியமான பண்டிகை. தீபாவளியை மிக சந்தோஷமாக கொண்டாடுவார்கள். தீபாவளி அன்று வரிசையாக தீபம் ஏற்றுவார்கள்.தீபம் ஏற்றி சுவாமியை வேண்டிகொள்வார்கள். தீபாவளி பண்டிகைக்கு பின்னால் ஒரு கதை உண்டு. பகவான் கிருஷ்னன் நரகாசுரன் என்ற ராக்ஷசணை வதம் செய்த நாளை மக்கள் தீபாவளியாக கொண்டாடுவார்கள். தீபாவளிக்கு தயாராக வீட்டை clean panuvaargal. In addition, they buy themself nice clothes. Some indian kadaigaal sell festive items like gretting cards, decorative items, and flowers. Makaal usually shop at these stores. Celebrating Deepavali is the most exicting part! Kathaala, makaal wake up at 3:00 and take an oil bath. Then they dress in their new clothes. After everybody is dressed up, all children and adults go out and burn FIRECRACKERS! Later, they go inside and devour sweets and other types of food! All Hindus usually look forward to this fun and exicting occasion!

Acrostic Poems - Hari Parasu (10 years)

Bright colors
Is an excellent musician
Remains alert at all times
Deserves the best attention!

Found where there is water
Is mysterious and little-known
Some fish are very colorful
Hundreds of fish types exist!

Deinonychus hunted in packs.
Ichthyosaurus lived in the sea.
Nothosaurus looked like meat-eater and plant eater
Ouranosaurus had a sail to keep from overheating
Supersaurus was huge.
Allosaurus lived in the jungle.
Utahraptor had switchblade knife like claws.
Raptors lived in packs.

The Traveling Cheetah - Gautham Thiagarajan (8 years)

Once there was a cheetah that liked to travel. He traveled everywhere in the grasslands of Africa. But he had a problem he didn't have any friends. One day he was walking and he got lost in Egypt. An Egyptian vulture saw the cheetah and started flying over the cheetah. The cheetah was scared and started to run. The vulture swooped down and landed on cheetah's back. The cheetah was mad that he asked the vulture "Why are you following me ?". The vulture didn't say anything and just tugged the cheetah to a pyramid.

There was a cat at the entrance. The cheetah and the vulture just walked right past the cat. But the cat was following them. Then the cheetah growled at the cat then the cat screamed and the scream echoed on the pyramid which got the cheetah running all over the pyramid. The vulture had to fly fast and low. The cheetah dug a hole underground and stayed under and kept on digging so the vulture had to go in the hole. The cheetah dug until they were outside the pyramid. They kept on running until they got out of Egypt. They ran to the cheetah's home.

Once they wanted to go somewhere else but they got wound up in Egypt. They thought they were going to go to the pyramids again. But they went to Cairo the capital of Egypt. The cheetah and the vulture saw a ship and they got in the ship and started to play. The captain thought they were good to be in a zoo in America. All the passengers started to board the ship. Meanwhile the cheetah had just discovered the control room. The cheetah pressed a button and the steel rope uncurled itself. Just when the boat was moving the captain jumped on the ship. Then the cheetah pressed a button that had a picture of the American flag. The captain ran as fast as he could to the control room. Then he started to sail the ship. They finally reached America.

The moment the captain got off the ship he took them to his house. Then they escaped through the window. They ran to the a airport and went through the gate that had the picture of Egypt. They sat in the front seat and then the plane started moving. But the plane sank in the Atlantic Ocean. The cheetah and the vulture found a mini boat and rowed in the direction of the rising sun. They found themselves in West Africa. They ran back to cheetah's home. The cheetah and the vulture would never go on a adventure like that ever again.

Dinosaur Valley - Murari Parasu (7 years)

Triassic - Coelophysis the nine-foot long lizard goes near a lake. In a flash he is gone! A predator from the water tried to attack him! He runs to the forest and meets his friend the Eoraptor. They hunt the Riojasaurus

then go to their habitat in the forest. The Herrerasaurus comes and grabs the Riojasaur skull and into the forest he goes.

Jurassic- Dilophosaurus and Compsognathus hunt together in Jurassic forest. They go to the field with the Diplodocus and the Allosaurus. The Diplodocus starts rapping the Allosaurus. The Allosaurus attacks and the Diplodocus dies. Ceratosaurus sneaks upon the Dilophosaurus and Compsognathus, then the Ceratosaurus gets blasted.

Cretaceous – Velociraptor the fierce hunter and Deinonychus the close relative of the Velociraptor start slashing the clumsy Tyrannosaurus. The Tyrannosaurus falls on the ground dead. Parasaurolophus and Iguanodon are in the nesting grounds watching their babies. Maiasaura their close friend comes and feeds his babies. Oviraptor comes and takes the egg of the Maiasaura. Parasaurolophus blocks the Oviraptor from stealing the egg.

Velociraptor and Deinonychus go to the nesting grounds and make their cave. They make a nest to put their eggs and get some fresh grass to sit in. They make friends with the plant eaters. The two meat eaters don't let anything steal an egg from all the nests.

***** The End *****

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  1. Awesome. I believe they did a better job than adults!! Keep up the good work. We should encourage more kids to participate and publish often.


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