Thursday, September 07, 2006

Save Nirali!

An appeal from the parents of Nirali Naik (

Our 18-month old daughter Nirali Naik has been diagnosed with a rare type of Acute Lymphoblast Leukemia and needs a marrow transplant to be treated.

She needs a bone marrow donation from a Indian/South Asian donor. Since Indians are a minority race in USA, in the national marrow registry, there aren't as many Indians registered and as a result, the possibility of a match is much less for patients of Indian origin. There's no organized marrow registry in India either that we can look for a match in.

Nirali is going through chemotherapy treatment right now but this type of ALL has a great chance of relapse if not treated with a bone marrow transplant.

We urge you please pray for Nirali and register for bone marrow donation to see if you can save her life. Bone marrow donation has no long term side effect at all. The test for marrow match is very simple - just a blood draw or even simpler - an oral swab!. And it is absolutely FREE for minority races.

Apart from the medical information posted on this website, you can also refer to National Marrow donor program website This website has very good information on the donors program, how the test is conducted and all other questions one may have about marrow donation.

Please consider saving a child’s life. There is no bigger gift you can give to anyone.

Nirali's parents - Rucha and Jignesh

For more details, please visit this site. Please register today in the National Marrow Donor Program and give the gift of life!

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