Sunday, January 27, 2008

Harry Potter TriWizard Quiz

Hey Potter fans,

Do you believe in the power of Potter and do you boast you know all about Potter? You think you know the hidden secrets of He-Who-Must Not-Be-Named? Here is a Quidditch game you can take part!

Come, face the Harry Potter TriWizard quiz challenge. Winner gets $100 prize money. If you want to take this challenge, email Aravind at with your name and contact phone number.

Entry Deadline: February 2nd 2008
Contest: During RTS Pongal celebrations on Feb 16th.

Eligibility: No age restrictions apply.

Entry Rules: By taking this challenge all contestants confirm that they have read the following rules and they abide by these rules:

1. A maximum of 6 contestants will be competing on the day of the program for the top prizes in front of live audience.

2. There will be only one winner and one runner up. Cash prizes will be awarded to the winner and runner up.

3. Based on the number of entries, preliminary elimination round may be conducted.

4. Final contest will be on stage in front of live audience on February 16th.

5. The judges' decision will be final and binding.

Entry Fee: Free entry for RTS members. $5 for non-members.

To see the list of participants, please click here!


  1. In addition to the Harry Potter Contest, hope the committee is planning to have other items in the Pongal program that are related to PONGAL and our traditions and culture.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Smvee,

    Thanks for the comment. Yes,there are other programs that are related to Pongal. Please see email communication from RTS that was sent yesterday(1/26).



படிச்சாச்சா? அப்படியே சூட்டோடு சூடா ஒரு கமெண்டு??
தமிழ்ல கமெண்டு போட இங்கே போங்க....(
அங்க எழுதி வெட்டி இங்கே ஒட்டுங்க!